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Magnetic surfaces are the best solution in terms of organisation on walls. Whether in offices, conference rooms, studios, photo studios, kindergartens, schools, clinics, at home in the kitchen or the kid’s rooms needs – any place something has to be fixed or written on the wall, Milacor Magnetic Paint, Milacor Magnetic Plates and Milacor Whiteboard Finish and Milacor Magnets can be used.

(The attachment of) Pin boards, organisational boards or tape are no longer necessary, the wall itself becomes the board! A clean, quick and flexible solution for large plans, designs, drawings and notes.

The advantages:

  • Flexibility in (the) size of the magnetic surface

  • No difference in colour or texture to the rest of the wall surface

  • Rapid application and removal of materials through the use of magnets

  • No residue of tape – therefore a longer conservation of the coating

You can buy Milacor products exclusively at wholesalers for painters.


You’ll find product information and technical data as downloads for all our products here.

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